Aimee Arsenault

"Health & Safety is more than just policies and paperwork - it's about people"

There is a solution for everything.

I truly believe that and sometimes, you need someone to help think of ideas out of your box.

Sure, I could start by telling you my work history, my educational background, but really (I think) the most important part of working with a consultant is getting to know them, finding out what's important to them, and how they can provide the right tools, resources, or coaching. 

As a health and safety professional, my primary purpose is to ensure the success of the organization through the health and safety management system. With exposure to various industries throughout my career, I understand how dynamic working environments can be and know that communication between all parties is key. I feel that employee engagement is vital for the improvement of workplace health and safety.

The reason I focused on being a health and safety professional is because of my interest in organizational values and how the organizational values impact the success of the employee; and in turn, directly impact the success of the organization.

I strive to provide people with the right resources including information and knowledge that allows them to become active participants of the health and safety program. 

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Transmit Safety is an occupational health and safety consulting firm that offers strategic  planning and workplace resources to small business owners.

Unlike other health and safety consultants and firms, Transmit Safety offers reasonable, practical and achievable strategies and believes that health and safety management should be an integrated, holistic approach, not a standalone business function. Through empowerment and education, Transmit Safety is on a mission for all small businesses to have strong, healthy workforces and supporting workplaces.

Transmit Safety values education and the importance of educating business owners to take ownership and control over their business' health and safety actions.

SIMPLICITY. Transmit Safety simplifies health and safety to integrate into your business with ease and effectiveness.


AUTHENTICY & TRANSPARENCY. Transmit Safety takes the "no bullshit" approach. We are here to support you, guide you, and empower you to do the right thing and cultivate strong, healthy & safe workplaces.

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Do Good Business Podcast

"In this episode of The Do Good Business Podcast, we’re deep-diving into health and safety, and what that means for any business, of any size (yes, even you, solopreneur).

In this episode, we’re talking about, what it actually means to have a “healthy and safe” workplace; how to fight off the temptation to cut corners to keep profits higher; when online and home-based businesses should start actually considering health and safety and being more intentional about it and more!

"In this episode, long-time SJL lounger and friend of the show Aimee Arsenault joins the crew to teach us how to properly stalk clients on social... er... no. She joins us to teach us how her "boutique" style of safety consulting helps build a solution that is custom fit to a client's needs. We also learn why Abby talks to herself and why Letterkenny just doesn't make the cut as Canada's top TV show."

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Types of industry experience

As someone who has worked in health and safety for over 14 years, you can imagine that I've worked on a few interesting projects and been exposed to a dynamic of working environments.

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Industry Experience:
OilSands - Heavy Civil 
Gas Plant Expansion
Road Construction
Mine - construction phase
Commercial HVac and Electrical

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I am a pup mom

Sir Reginald, aka Reggie, is Transmit Safety's Employee of the Month - every month! 

If you're attending an online meeting or on a phone call with me, you might hear Reggie in the background offering his feedback, but for the most part he's on the floor doing housekeeping inspections and ensuring equipment (aka his toys) are safe to use.

Sir reginald


A little bit more about me

I love to experience

I have been very privileged to be about to travel to many wonderful places. To name a few, these are the places where I've had a pint of a local brew -  Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Zimbabwe  Botswana, and South Africa.  Each adventure, I learn new things and appreciate different ways of looking at the world.
We are all the same. 

amazing adventures

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A little bit more about me

Certificate of Occupational Health & Safety
University of Alberta - 2010

​Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology  University of Alberta - 2005


member of:

Canadian Society of Safety Engineering
Women in Occupational Health & Safety Society
Structural Tower Antenna Council (STAC)

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