What if you didn’t have to worry about whether or not you hired the right COR External Auditor anymore?

What if you could stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed not knowing what the process will be like with an external auditor and instead, you know that you are prepared and ready for the audit?

This? This is exactly what’s possible. And the best part is? It’s only a click/phone call/email away.

Here at Transmit Safety, I support safety professionals every day to utilize the COR audit process as a positive mechanism for change within their organization, providing detailed areas of improvement that are aligned with the department and organizational goals. 

Yes, the primary goal of the audit is to achieve / maintain COR but then there is the benefit of the continuous improvement cycle. The audit can be tool to impact workplace health and safety; in a way that is intentional, practicable, and reasonable.  And I do it all with systems and processes that I've created over the years that takes the stress out of preparing for the audit, and helps the audit key contact (yup, that's you!) have the confidence to take the audit report from words to actionable outcomes.  

How? Well, I'm glad you asked. It all happens through the the pre-audit meeting, audit preparation best practice tools, a detailed audit report, and a close out meeting with a no-bullsh*t discussion about the audit finds. 

As your external auditor, you'll benefit from my 15+ years of experience as a dedicated and passionate safety professional who understands the importance of building systems and setting accountability structures.

At the end of the audit, you will have the opportunity to recognize the elements within the program that are working well or that have improved since the last audit, recognize the outstanding areas of improvement, and the confidence to tackle the action plan, without the worry of creating action items that are not going to make an impact on the next audit score or on the health and safety management system.

Ready to book your ACSA COR Audit?

Still on the fence? I get it; deciding which consultant to hire can be difficult and it's not always just about price but finding the right "fit" so I've added some client testimonials below for you to review. 

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"Aimee was very precise and organized, she made the entire experience very easy. She has checklists that help to prep for the audit as well as complete the audit - they were extremely handy and helped with the overall audit process. I will 100% keep Aimee in mind for our next external audits."

Ashley S - External Audit Client

"If you want a thoroughly completed audit with detailed recommendations of improvement for your Safety Program, Aimee should be your first choice! The process was straight forward, turn around time exceeded expectations and all recommendations were thoughtful and practical. Highly recommended!"

Amanda O - External Audit Client

Client Testimonials