There are a lot of moving pieces that go into having a health and safety management system that works seamlessly into operations. And a whole lot of trial and error, too. It can sometimes even have pushback from the various levels.

But here’s the real talk (and the best part):  You DON’T need to go it alone.

And you can create a health and safety management system integrated into each level of the organization, each department, so that the system is recognized as a solution.

If you’re tired of thinking:

       I  don’t know where to start;

       Nothing I have tried before has worked;

       The workers, managers, senior managers just don’t get it.

Then I want to let you know you have found the solution for you today. *queue happy dance*

And that solution is Program Development!

With program development, you and I will create policies and procedures that make sense to your organization that helps each person within their role be successful.

Together, we will:

       Create concise and direct policies that are realistic and achievable

       Identify the accountability structure that works within your company

       Develop specific elements within your health and safety program that are structured to support operations by taking a proactive approach to anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling occupational health and safety hazards.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to a binder on the shelf and hello to integrated health and safety approach - without “the safety person” being the primary one responsible and accountable for health and safety - let’s chat today!