Oh, hi there! It is nice to meet you.

There is a solution for everything.

I truly believe that; but sometimes you need a different perspective to help think of ideas out of your box.

Sure, I could start by telling you my work history, my educational background, but really (I think) the most important part of working with a consultant is getting to know them, finding out what's important to them, and how they can provide the right tools, resources, or coaching. 

As a health and safety professional, my primary purpose is to ensure the success of the organization through the health and safety management system. With exposure to various industries throughout my career, I understand how dynamic working environments can be and know that communication between all parties is key. I feel that employee engagement is vital for the improvement of workplace health and safety.

The reason I focused on being a health and safety professional is because of my interest in organizational values and how the organizational values impact the success of the employee; and in turn, directly impact the success of the organization.

I strive to provide people with the right resources including information and knowledge that allows them to become active participants of the health and safety program.

I see you. anD know that you can create a health & safety management system that works within your business. that is integrated into your operations.

Are you stuck with a HSE Program that is too complicated, too ineffective, and full of Ctrl C + V from other [client] programs?


Transmit Safety respectfully acknowledges that we are situated on Treaty 6 territory, traditional lands of First Nations and Métis people.

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