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Transmit Safety is an occupational health and safety consulting firm that simplifies and streamlines health & safety management systems through strategic planning, program development, auditing, and operational resources.

Helping you improve workplace health & safety with a no bullsh*t, simplified, holistic approach.

The services and solutions you will find at Transmit Safety are created for your unique business needs and are all cemented in the foundation of simplicity, empowerment through education, and authentic transparency. You can be sure that you get a consultant that is there to support you every step of the way. It is how I help you, guide you, and empower you to create an organizational culture that values and actions health and safety.

you're ready to implement health and safety strategies within your organization.  

Healthy and Safe Workplaces
shouldn't be complicated.




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Do you have an upcoming audit looming? Make it a breeze by having your prep locked in and ready for a streamlined and stress-free experience.

Welcome to Transmit Safety - the place where I help you to can create an effective health & safety management system.

Transmit Safety exists because I understand one thing very clearly. And that is that you want a health and safety workplace - and you want it in a way that supports the overall organizational goals.

And more than that? To know that you're not alone in trying to figure things out.

I founded Transmit Safety in 2019 with a desire to help businesses simplify safety because it doesn't need to be complicated. I truly believe that health and safety as a core value can support all aspects of the decision making process within the business; allowing for an organization to make an impact.

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Meet Aimee, your guide to simplifying & communicating Health & Safety.


"If you want a thoroughly completed audit with detailed recommendations of improvement for your Safety Program, Aimee should be your first choice! The process was straight forward, turn around time exceeded expectations and all recommendations were thoughtful and practical. Highly recommended!" - Amanda O

"If you want a thoroughly completed audit with detailed recommendations of improvement for your Safety Program"


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