You're not the only one that's not getting buy-in or engagement with your program. And you don't have to figure it out on your own. It's time to step up as a trusted advisor and leader in your organization and start putting your company's values into real action.

Are You Ready To Stop Pushing & Start Seeing Real Impact From Your HSE Program?

for the health and safety professional

We get it, it's tough and lonely out there when you're the only one pushing to put paper into practice in your company. And while you'd rather be leading change and focused on making your program BETTER, you're stuck in the daily grind just trying to make sure *the basics* are getting done, even if others should be doing it.

It's time to get real buy-in and see real impact from your work.

i see you...

Working Hard for your program but struggling to get buy-in & see real momentum

By upgrading and optimizing your health and safety program (and your approach to it), you can have everyone from workers to leadership on board and working together to support you. How? 

  • Have a plan to evolve (and simplify) your program
  • Learn how to connect your program to organizational objectives so leadership actually cares
  • Build a communications strategy that'll have everyone seeing the value and working together 
  • Reposition yourself as a trusted authority that leadership leans on to implement and workers take seriously when asked to participate

What if you didn't have to hit a wall every time you wanted to help your company put paper into practice?

Your Health & Safety Program was simplified, organized and optimized for greater impact

You had a plan in place to clearly and effectively communicate changes, ask for support and demonstrate value

You were seen as a trusted leader that everyone from workers to management listened to and supported 

In 3 Months, what if...

  • 12 Months Access to Trainings, Replays & Resources
  • 18 Video Lessons and accompanying resources (downloads, templates, etc.)
  • 3 Months of Group Coaching (2 calls per month)
  • Exclusive access to Discord Channel to network and connect with other HSE practitioners

what's included

A Health & Safety training program that helps you put paper into practice.

Introducing: Upgrade & Optimize


Learn how to upgrade, optimize (and simplify) your program for greater traction and more success. 

Learn how to tie your program to your company's overall objectives and communicate its value to management

Walk away with a communications strategy that fits with the people in your company and how they need to receive information when change happens.

Unlock your Program's Potential In 3 Months:

Cheryl R - Safety Champion

If your close friend was on the fence about working with me, what would you say to them?

I would tell them that they probably wouldn't get better support, professionalism, or knowledge from anyone else.

Marshall Dunphy, Project Manager
Alpha Construction

If your close friend was on the fence about working with me, what would you say to them?

I would tell them "stop being stupid and just hire her."

We've got you.



While we believe this program will help you over the entire lifespan of your HSE career, we know that it's always worth a shot asking management to invest in you from the budget. Quite frankly, we think you're worth it and we think this program is going to help you not only strengthen the HSE program for the wellbeing of your company's employees -- but also to help achieve your company's strategic goals. We've prepped some resources for you to help communicate the value of this investment to your leadership team. 

As a health and safety professional, my primary purpose is to ensure the success of the organization through the health and safety management system. With exposure to various industries throughout my career, I understand how dynamic working environments can be and know that communication between all parties is key. I feel that employee engagement is vital for the improvement of workplace health and safety.

The reason I focused on being a health and safety professional is because of my interest in organizational values and how the organizational values impact the success of the employee; and in turn, directly impact the success of the organization.

I strive to provide people with the right resources including information and knowledge that allows them to get sh*t done.

meet  your coach!

I'm Aimee — CRSP, CHSC, and Coffee Addict.

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