I see you. I am here to help you, motivate you, support you, and guide you based on what types of goals you are wanting to achieve within your health and safety management system, professional development, or consulting business. 

Private Consulting with Aimee

for the health and safety professional

As a health and safety professionals we're supposed to know it all - and some of us are expected to do this with little (no more) support, limited professional development budgets, and maintain a life balance that allows you to feel fulfilled at home and at work. 

You might be considering working with a coach to help you get focused on a particular goal, feeling overwhelmed with your current obligations and not sure how to gain back control, or perhaps you're in the process of starting your own consulting business. 

But working with a coach isn't about passing the work over to me; this is where I help you get focused on what you want and what you need to do to get there. 

i see you...

You're tired of trying to make changes but not getting the expected outcomes.

We will develop actions, track progress, and ask the tough questions when things aren't getting done based on set performance based outcomes.

Track Progress.

What is it that you truly want ... and is it what you need? I will help you set goals and create actions that make sense.

We work on the want.

You might be the problem. Oh snap! Yup! I just said it. Your perspective might be what is holding you back from your desired changed. 

we work on the mind.

3 Ways My Approach is Different...

A reduction in stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

A new perspective on how awesome they actually are; and the ability to reach for previously thought of "out of reach" goals.

Confidence in their ability to get sh*t done.

Achieving professional designations, career goals, or starting their own business.

Results my clients see...


$6,500 for 4 Months

* Payment installments are available. After 4 months, you can add on additional coaching. 

+ 4 months of private coaching
+ 8 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom 
+ Customized action plan suggestions based on your needs
+ Exclusive access to Private Podcast for coaching on demand
+ 1:1 Chat access to Aimee for quick coaching on the go 

what's included

Our coaching calls happen over Google Meet (or phone call if you prefer)! Each call is 60 minutes, every other week. We'll also check in and communicate regularly via chat!

Coaching Package


Let's stay on track with your goals with my project management dashboard with direct messaging options.

weekly Chat support

You will get my templated action plan with recommended actions; including the areas for your research and development.

customized ACTION PLAN

Coaching sessions are 1-hour long and face to face on Google Meet. (Or we can chat on the phone if you prefer!)

4 months of 1:1 coaching

As a health and safety professional, my primary purpose is to ensure the success of the organization through the health and safety management system. With exposure to various industries throughout my career, I understand how dynamic working environments can be and know that communication between all parties is key. I feel that employee engagement is vital for the improvement of workplace health and safety.

The reason I focused on being a health and safety professional is because of my interest in organizational values and how the organizational values impact the success of the employee; and in turn, directly impact the success of the organization.

I strive to provide people with the right resources including information and knowledge that allows them to get sh*t done.

meet  your coach!

I'm Aimee — CRSP, CHSC, and Coffee Addict.

Let's chat about working together!

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