Why Transmit Safety

April 1, 2022

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HI! I'm Aimee

Take what you know about health and safety programs and throw it away. 

Ok, maybe not everything, but generally, when I talk to business owners, the most significant comment is “safety is too expensive,” and I get it. I do. I want to shift your thinking about health and safety as a loss to value-generating. There is too many “safety in a box” solutions out there for small business owners; sure, it’s easy and quick with a “download and go” set-up that meets legislation or industry standards; but in the end, these types of programs do not help you or your business, and most importantly it does not support cultivating health and safety within your organization. On another side, I’ve seen far too many programs where someone was tapped on the shoulder to be the “safety person” and only after receiving a few courses, if any, were responsible for the management of the program. This is no fault for them; it’s challenging to navigate without the proper training, experience, and coaching. That’s why it’s important to receive the proper support at the right time during your program development cycles. 

Don’t worry. I can help you. 

Generally, one of the first things that I recommend is to review their policies and procedures for small business owners. These documents should be written specifically for your unique business needs – the who, what, when, where, and why. The next thing I recommend is to ask yourself, “how is my health and safety management system contributing to my business goals?” This is key because your core values drive your operational decisions. I will bet that if you don’t have health & safety listed as a core value that it’s there hidden behind terms like excellence, integrity, or quality. 

We will work together to determine what approach works best for you and your business, set goals and targets, and ultimately move your health and safety management system from a loss to revenue-generating.