00: Trailer – Introducing Transmit Safety

April 26, 2022

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HI! I'm Aimee

The Transmit Safety Podcast is here to help health and safety practitioners achieve a holistic approach to workplace health and safety to become impactful leaders and put the value of safety into action. 

With bi-weekly episodes, the mission is to simplify health and safety management and be a resource for practitioners working alone in their company (no team support).

Aimee Arsenault is a CRSP and CHSC. She is the founder of Transmit Safety, a business that helps you simplify and streamline health & safety management systems.

As a health and safety professional, her primary purpose is to ensure the organization’s success through the health and safety management system. With exposure to various industries throughout her career, she understands how dynamic working environments can be and knows that communication between all parties is key. 

Employee engagement is vital for the improvement of workplace health and safety.

Aimee strives to provide people with the right resources, including information and knowledge that allows them to become active participants in the health and safety program.

Podcast objective

Bring practicable solutions through coffee talk conversations with subject matter experts; and introduce new or alternative ways of approaches to put the value of safety into action.