07: Change Agents for a Healthy and Safe Workplace

August 1, 2022

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HI! I'm Aimee

In today’s episode of Transmit Safety, Aimee talks about something that’s instrumental to a successful Health and Safety Program: allies.

One of the most common factors for failure or setbacks when creating healthy and safe workplaces is isolation. Join me today as I share with you an anecdote about a safety advisor who has a problem: despite their efforts, safety wasn’t improving within the organization. Sounds familiar?

Through this story, I’ll touch on some essential questions you should consider as a health and safety practitioner or professional, and also some key concepts on how to create the change you need in your organization.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Health and Safety strategies in isolation do not work 
  • Change Agents and their importance for creating a healthy and safe workplace
  • How to identify your organization’s Change Agents
  • The different types of personal power and how to harness it for change

The Transmit Safety Podcast is here to help health and safety practitioners achieve a holistic approach to workplace health and safety so they can become impactful leaders and put the value of safety into action.

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Today’s episode was sponsored by Transmit Safety, a consulting business where I help streamline and simplify health and safety management systems through education, program development, audits, and coaching. 

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Quotes from this episode

“Nobody likes to make mistakes. So we focus on the things that we feel confident in. But there is wisdom in every misstep that we take as professionals, as practitioners.”

“Yet the path to success is not always linear, you take one step forward, two steps back, a leap to the right, a stumble to the left.”

“They were trying to do it all by themselves. They were the one asking for change, they were the one writing new policies, they were the ones implementing new training requirements. They were working in isolation. But isolated strategies do not work.”

“I think it’s important to say that these people [leaders], you know, are not always management. They can be management, but a job title doesn’t make a leader.

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Aimee Arsenault is a CRSP and CHSC. She is the founder of Transmit Safety, a business that helps you simplify and streamline health & safety management systems.

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