20: Industrial Hygiene for Health & Safety Practitioners with Lisa Marinic

March 20, 2023

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In today’s episode of Transmit Safety, join Aimee and Lisa Marinic to learn all you need to know about industrial hygiene as a Health & Safety practitioner.

When you’re going into Health & Safety and you’re going out into the field for the first time, it’s easy to notice safety hazards. They’re visible, clear, and very easily actionable so, of course, they get a lot more attention.

But, today we’re going to talk about the completely invisible health hazards that despite being harder to notice can be just as dangerous or fatal as their counterparts.

Lisa Marinic is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a CRSP. She has spent the last two decades studying and working in the field of industrial hygiene and occupational health and is a passionate advocate for workplace health. 

In this episode, she is here to educate us on health hazards, industrial hygiene, and what we, as Health & Safety practitioner and professionals, can do to help.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Industrial Hygiene is exactly and why should you care
  • Why industrial hygienists are not common in most industries
  • The importance of Health & Safety professionals in leadership roles for  industrial hygiene
  • What bringing in an industrial hygienist can do for your organization and what to look for
  • The challenging conversations around health hazards
  • How Health & Safety practitioners can start addressing health hazards

The Transmit Safety Podcast is here to help health and safety practitioners achieve a holistic approach to workplace health and safety so they can become impactful leaders and put the value of safety into action.

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Quotes from this episode

“That really highlights the fact that regardless of what your interest is, in general, the analytical or the social aspect, you can find a place in Health & Safety. There’s such a wide spectrum.”

“You could easily walk by and look at somebody using a chemical and not even think about that invisible exposure to the product itself.”

“Who’s going to apply for an industrial hygiene program when they’ve literally never heard of that word before? And most think it’s a dental hygienist. They see ‘hygienist’ and they automatically think, oh, that’s dental hygiene.”

“That is often the struggle with industrial hygiene, it’s communicating, and getting the buy-in on the value of having somebody who can assess these exposures.”

Connect with Lisa Marinic

Lisa Marinic is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and a CRSP. She is the owner and principal consultant at Kacia Consulting Ltd, a business that helps organizations better understand, control, and address workplace hazards.

LinkedIn: Lisa Marinic

Website: kaciaconsulting.ca

Connect with Aimee Arsenault

Aimee Arsenault is a CRSP and CHSC. She is the founder of Transmit Safety, a business that helps you simplify and streamline health & safety management systems.

Linkedin: Aimee Arsenault

Instagram: @transmit.safety

Twitter: @transmitsafety

Website: transmitsafety.com