13: 10 Tips to Build and Leverage Your Professional Network

November 7, 2022

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HI! I'm Aimee

In today’s episode of Transmit Safety, Aimee is sharing simple but powerful tips to help you build and leverage your professional network with ease.

Every single day I see many of my clients missing some of the biggest opportunities they have by not leveraging their professional networks. Not doing that means they’re leaving powerful connections and untapped resources on the table.

You may be thinking that you don’t have time to do that, but I want you to know that building an engaged professional network doesn’t have to take all day. So, tune in to discover 10 easy ways to start to build and leverage your network and make the best of the opportunities it brings.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Where to start on your strategy
  • How to make the best of the events you attend
  • Networking when you’re an introvert (like me)
  • Ask for help from your network
  • Six Degrees of the Health and Safety professional
  • 5 quick and powerful ways to build and foster your network

The Transmit Safety Podcast is here to help health and safety practitioners achieve a holistic approach to workplace health and safety so they can become impactful leaders and put the value of safety into action.

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Today’s episode was sponsored by Transmit Safety, a consulting business where I help streamline and simplify health and safety management systems through education, program development, audits, and coaching. 

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To find out more about networking as an introvert, check out Dorie Clark’s books: Reinventing You and Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea & Build a Following Around It.

Quotes from this episode

“You can’t network online without actually connecting with people. And it’s more than that. It’s about connecting with people authentically, even when you don’t need something from them.”

“Too many health and safety practitioners think that they don’t have time to nurture their professional network…[But] I want you to know that building an engaged professional network doesn’t have to take all day.”

“Everyone has times and places where they feel like they might be looking stupid or they might feel embarrassed. Or they have that impostor syndrome. You are not alone in that.”

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Aimee Arsenault is a CRSP and CHSC. She is the founder of Transmit Safety, a business that helps you simplify and streamline health & safety management systems.

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