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Welcome to the world of audit preparation – a landscape that demands meticulous planning and unshakable confidence. As your dedicated mentor, I’m here to guide you through the intricate steps of preparing for audits with ease and assurance. In this mentor’s guide, we’ll unravel the art of finding the perfect auditor match, orchestrating your documentation symphony, empowering your interview champions, and embracing the world of observations. But it’s not just about preparation; it’s about cultivating a mindset of unwavering confidence. Together, we’ll transform auditors from intimidating figures to partners in your journey towards safety excellence. Ready to take your audit readiness to a new pinnacle? Join my email list for weekly doses of expert insights and practical strategies. Let’s replace audit anxiety with empowered readiness – sign up now and embark on this transformative voyage.

Navigating Audit Preparation: Your Mentor’s Guide to Confidence and Readiness





In episode 6 of the Transmit Safety Podcast, I sat down with a friend, Bunmi Ibitoye, and we chatted about the benefits of journaling to manage stress. Bunmi is a stress management and wellness coach with over seven years of professional experience within the public health sector, and I learned a lot during this interview. […]

The Benefits of Journaling to Manage Stress


Join Aimee Arsenault as a guest speaker on the Safety Leaders Now Podcast with Joe Meadows.

I’m a Guest Speaker on Safety Leaders Now


Take what you know about health and safety programs and throw it away.  Ok, maybe not everything, but generally, when I talk to business owners, the most significant comment is “safety is too expensive,” and I get it. I do. I want to shift your thinking about health and safety as a loss to value-generating. […]

5 Quick Tasks for any HSE professional that you can do today in under 5 minutes to get things done. Let’s do this 💪 ACTIVITY #1: Drink coffee.ACTIVITY #2: Drink coffee.ACTIVITY #3: Drink coffee.ACTIVITY #4: Drink coffee.ACTIVITY #5: Drink coffee. OK. Perhaps that’s a little too much ☕ for some. That being recognized, I would […]

If the shoe fits, great. If not, try another one.


I am sharing my three top tips for finding the “right” volunteer opportunity to give back in this post. So if you’re thinking about volunteering yet don’t know where to start, here are a few steps to consider taking to have a valuable experience. 1. Search your network. See who is an active volunteer within […]

Show up to give back.


I am just getting starting on my blog and hope that you’ll come back to get information about occupational health and safety.


Ace Your Audit Prep Email Series


Do you have an upcoming audit looming? Make it a breeze by having your prep locked in and ready for a streamlined and stress-free experience.